Why Cool Plasma® gasification

adaptiveARC’s COOL PLASMA® Gasification utilizes proprietary plasma torches and an innovative system design to generate a cleaner syngas at a lower cost.

COOL PLASMA® Gasification is cost-effective, reducing capital costs by over 50% compared to competitors. Operational costs are also drastically reduced due to lower operating temperatures and the tunable heat zone created by our unique plasma torches.

COOL PLASMA® Gasification is flexible, easily handling almost any waste material, including hazardous waste, petroleum sludge, medical waste and wet MSW.  Our systems require a small footprint and are uniquely scalable so that projects can begin with as little as 15 tons per day to minimize the initial capital investment, but can quickly scale up to hundreds of tons per day to meet the needs of the project or community.



COOL PLASMA® Gasification is efficient and adaptiveARC equipment uses less than 5% of overall energy output to operate which leaves more energy to feed into the grid or for private consumption.

adaptiveARC’s technology makes clean, efficient gasification economically viable for projects that would otherwise have to settle for dirtier and inferior solutions.

Please use this link to ARC Technology Overview for more details.


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