Strategic Partners

adaptiveARC has partnered with industry leaders in energy generation (NRG Energy), recycling (CP Group), engineering procurement (CG Schmidt), project development/management (Alliance Federated Energy) and manufacturing (Master Metals and CP Group.)



NRG Energy
Largest independent power producer in the US

NRG Energy, Inc. owns and operates a diverse portfolio of power-generating facilities, primarily in the United States. They are the largest independent power producer in the United States.  The Company’s operations include energy production and cogeneration facilities, thermal energy production, and energy resource recovery facilities. NRG has taken a leading role on climate change and the power sector’s role in reducing greenhouse gases from the next wave of new power generation while meeting the country’s growing energy needs. NRG supports clean energy resources and technologies critical to our transition to a low carbon society.  NRG Energy is a venture investor, strategic partner and  shareholder of adaptiveARC.


Alliance Federated Energy (AFE)
Project management and finance

AFE’s mission is to become a market leader in the renewable energy sector by developing environmentally sustainable and commercially viable energy projects using best in class technology solutions creating long-term economic benefits for the community and its stakeholders.

“AdaptiveARC is an industry leader in the plasma-arc sector,” says Christopher Maloney, Chief Executive Officer at AFE. “This gives us access to adaptiveARC’s Cool Plasma gasification technology, which allows us to safely transform waste resources into clean energy and reduce the volume of waste by nearly 90 percent.”

www.thecpgrpCP Group 
Largest manufacturer of recycling equipment in North America

CP Group is the largest manufacturer of recycling equipment in North America.  They are the world leader in “Separation Technologies” for nearly 4 decades. They have designed, manufactured and installed over 400 Material Recovery Facilities (MRF’s) in the last 30 years. The 6 companies owned by the CP Group provide conveyor systems, optical sorting, magnetic sorting, controls and automation and project development expertise.  They are experienced developers for waste and recycling projects.  They also provide engineering and manufacturing expertise across the United States and Europe.  CP Group is a venture investor, strategic partner, shareholder and manufacturer of adaptiveARC that can integrate our technology seamlessly into the recycling lines of existing and future clients.

CG Schmidt 
Engineering and Procurement Contractor

CG Schmidt is a values-based construction management and general contracting that specializes in world-class pre-construction services. that emphasize accountability, innovation and integrity. CG Schmidt is the EPC on adaptiveARC’s first commercial scale project guarantying 92% uptime.

Master Metals 
Rapid manufacturing for R&D / testing

Over a 77 year history Master Metal Products Co. has been providing quality workmanship to an impressive list of clientele that includes some of Northern California and Silicon Valley’s top companies across a wide breadth of industries.  They are a heavy industrial manufacturer and have proven to build quality products, below budget and on schedule for 3 separate ce25’s.  Master Metals will continue in it’s role as a “just in time” supplier of adaptiveARC systems and parts.  Master Metals is a strategic partner and shareholder of adaptiveARC.

Biosistemas Sustenables bio
Latin America Project Development

Biosistemas Sustenables is a Mexican company that has perfected a method of recycling and composting using special enzymes which enables them to produce a valuable fertilizer additive called NaturAbono from organic material in municipal solid waste.  This process is completed in only 21 days and reaches a temperature of 78 degrees celsius as compared with 180 or more days and only 50 degrees celsius with conventional composting.  The result is a faster turnaround time and a pathogen-free product.

This process is already in place at the Nicolas Romero waste processing site in Mexico where adaptiveARC’s production prototype began operation in July of 2010.  Combined with manual and mechanical extraction of recyclable materials, the production of NaturAbono at this site results in the diversion of 85% of all waste received.  The remaining 15% will no longer be landfilled but instead processed by the ce25.  The result is a 100% diversion solution which can be reproduced at numerous sites around Mexico and the world.

The head of Biosistemas Sustenables is Carlos Rello.  In addition to being a major investor in adaptiveARC and adaptiveARC Mexico, Mr. Rello is a member of the current Mexican government with many political and professional ties which continue to prove valuable to business development in Mexico.

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