Applications for Cool Plasma®

Cool Plasma® gasification systems can process a wide variety of feedstocks due to the molecular dissociation that occurs when hazardous compounds are subjected to the plasma heat zone.  The small footprint and flexible design allows our gasifiers to fit into existing operations such as oil refineries, cement kilns, hospitals, industrial plants, transfer stations and other recycling facilities.

Hazardous Waste

High tip fee hazardous waste streams make for the ideal adaptiveARC project due to the lucrative economics and commercially proven Cool Plasma® solution.  In most cases the tip fee revenue alone is enough for a profitable project and the added revenue stream obtained from the syngas is a bonus to the project owner.  Given the flexibility of Cool Plasma® systems nearly all types of toxic feedstocks can be cleanly and safely converted to syngas, which can then be used on site to offset natural gas consumption or can be combusted for electrical generation.


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adaptiveARC technology fits in perfectly with recycling efforts and provides a solution for the residual waste coming off of recycling lines that until now has had no economic value and no alternative except to be sent to landfill.  By incorporating a Cool Plasma® gasification system in conjunction with recycling efforts we can finally achieve 100% recycling and truly make the traditional landfill obsolete.

adaptiveARC has partnered with CP Group, a leading recycling line manufacturer, to seamlessly integrate Cool Plasma® technology onto the back end of their custom recycling lines.  This allows for an integrated turnkey solution that optimizes recycling revenue given the local parameters, and takes advantage of the non-recyclable waste to provide electricity or other benefits from the syngas created through gasification.  With a target project size of between 200 TPD and 1000 TPD  Cool Plasma® gasification with recycling is a perfect solution for small to medium size municipalities or transfer stations in major population centers.


Green waste or biomass can be used for electrical generation in rural areas that have limited access to electricity.  Cool Plasma® systems are easy to deploy and install in remote areas with limited infrastructure and can provide rural electrification by converting unwanted biomass into electricity for the community.  Unlike hazardous waste projects, these biomass projects depend on high electricity rates for profitability.


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