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Energy That Cleans

adaptiveARC provides compelling economics for waste gasification and toxic waste management practices. Our patented Cool Plasma® gasification technology is flexible, modular and scalable to allow for customized projects that meet the current needs and can expand with future growth. We provide technology and services that support a cleaner and safer world.

Hazardous and Toxic Waste

adaptiveARC has commercial scale experience processing various types of hazardous waste including medical, industrial and highly chlorinated hydro-carbon wastestreams.  With tip fees ranging from $500 to $1500 per ton of most hazardous waste feedstocks the Cool Plasma® solution provides a quick return to investors and exceptional long term profits for project owners.

Sustainable Clean Energy

Our processors cleanly and efficiently convert MSW, agricultural waste, biomass, coal and even hazardous toxic waste into syngas to be used for clean energy such as electricity, biofuels and fuel cells.

Cool Plasma® Gasification

Plasma arc gasification generates the highest syngas yields and is recognized as the cleanest way to convert energy from biomass, waste or coal feedstocks. However, to date, the process has been too costly. Our proprietary Cool Plasma® gasification technology changes the game and provides the same benefits with a 65% reduction in capital cost while operating below most average landfill tip fees. The result is the most economically compelling gasification alternative on the marketplace.

Promotes Recycling, Reduces Emissions, Reverses Damage

Integration of adaptiveARC technology with traditional recycling provides a 100% recycling rate. All of the adaptiveARC by-products are recyclable, from clean energy to a high-nitrogen fly ash.

Cool Plasma® gasification does not create the gases or hazardous by-products associated with incineration or combustion. Unlike wind and solar, waste gasification actually reverses the environmental damage of landfills by safely converting waste into clean energy instead of letting it sit in a landfill emitting CO2 to the air and leachate to the soil.   Cool Plasma® gasification significantly reduces emissions of the feedstock it consumes and the dirty power generation it replaces. adaptiveARC is not just clean energy, it’s energy that cleans.

Cool Plasma® Gasification

adaptiveARC offers breakthrough innovation that leaps over significant barriers to create clean syngas and high-energy output in an economically efficient manner. Unlike every other form of gasification, we use pulsed plasma energy and UV light to clean our syngas. Our unique process utilizes properties of plasma physics to break down the harmful by-products associated with thermal- only gasification. We call the process “Cool Plasma® gasification.”

Cool Plasma® Gasification

• Operates at the lower end of the gasification spectrum: 1,300°C

• Combines aspects of plasma field dynamics

• Uses pulsed plasma to enhance molecular disassociation

• Uses UV light to enhance detoxification

Resulting Benefits

• Avoids costly scrubbing equipment

• Lowest cost in the marketplace

• Smallest system footprint

• Mobile, modular and scalable

We operate in the lowest temperature spectrum of plasma gasification, 1,300° C, while retaining all of the detoxification benefits and syngas yields of higher temperature plasma processes. Our lower temperatures and regenerative cleaning process avoids formation of unwanted emissions and harmful salts and corrosive acids. As a result, our plants have a longer operating life operating below the melting points of reactor components.

Our process has several other benefits and key advantages, including a solid by-product that is an inert ash. This ash has commercial value as a soil conditioner and as an additive in construction materials.

Gasification is a proven and central technology in renewable energy. What sets us apart is our ability to manufacture our own torches that take advantage of the dynamic properties of plasma physics. Our Chief Scientist, Christian Juvan, holds the early patents in this field. He is a rare scientist to have an energy creation technique based on plasma physics, placing him in company with Edison, Tesla and Siemens for a US-approved patent in energy creation.


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